All You Need to Know If your Spirit Airlines Flight Gets Cancelled

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Mon, Jan 25 2021 1:30 PM PDT Sat, Jan 27 2029 1:30 PM PDT

Nobody intentionally cancels their travel plans until there are certain unavoidable circumstances. But there are times when your airline can cancel your trips due to various reasons. However, the reasons can vary from natural to technical aspects such as weather issues, technical malfunctions, security issues, etc. But airlines do compensate for such cancellations with their policies. 

When it comes to Spirit Airlines, the ultra-low-cost airline does let you fly better on it even if your trip has been canceled. Therefore, if you have been thinking What happens if my Spirit Airlines flight gets cancelled, then here’s what you need to know.

Important Points To Know When Your Flight Has Been Cancelled On Spirit Airlines

  • If your Spirit Airlines flight is canceled due to bad weather, then no cancellation fee is charged, and for the same day flight cancellations, the airline will offer free accommodation to you.
  • In the event, if you wish to cancel your Spirit flights due to the following reasons, then you’ll not have to pay the cancellation fee:
  • Death of Relatives
  • Theft of Passport Illness
  • The military, court, or Government orders
  • Theft of Passport 
  • In case if you’re wondering What happens if my Spirit Airlines flight gets cancelled, postponed, or preponed, then the airline will not deduct any amount as a cancellation fee, and will also notify you in advance. 
  • Besides, you’ll also be offered a seat on the next Spirit Airlines flight from the same departure and to the destination point.

Moreover, you can also cancel your flight within 24 hours of its purchase on Spirit Airlines if you want a full refund without paying any cancellation charges. For more info On what happens if my spirit airlines flight gets cancelled , kindly contact the airline’s customer services and talk to the experts.